Alex Moss

Blue Moon

Experimenting with dissolve FX

Experimenting with dissolve FX

The theme is to loosely represent a storm passing in front of a blue moon. This will be represented visually with low polly / stylised 3D clouds made up of triangles in front of a disk (the moon). A tightly synced soundscape will accompany the visuals. The whole thing will be projected onto a 3D set or an outline tracing. 

Blue Moon is a development or continuation of my experiments with 3D animation and Projection Mapping. I want to create a semi potable sound and light installation with some degree of audience interactivity. I also want to make a high quality demo or showcase video as well as making of videos.

Developing the idea

The images below show the first stages of development. I also played around with some eclipse FX. I sketched the idea with pencil and paper then started creating the model in 3D. 

Animation ideas

I was experimenting with light and shadow illusions, internal light animations with sound design and dissolve effects. The renders are projected onto a surface, traced and videoed with my iPhone. As the project developes I will need borrow a decent camera and learn how to capture the projections in low light.

The next step is to come up with and test animation ideas. I'm after beautiful effects and illusions that suit the theme of a storm gathering, cracking, calming and passing. I'm also thinking of how these animations / effects / illusions could be represented, synchronised and triggered by sound design. Below are some of the first models and animations as well as the tracing. 

Music and more tests

The keys and band limited bets could represent the first few rain drops and onset of the storm. A break in the middle could be the calm in the eye of the storm and the half time section could represent the storm moving off into the distance. Chords could be synced to colours coming out of the moon.

So I came up with this while I was at work supposed to be marking student work... Inspiration strikes at unusual times. Anyway, After listening a few times I realised that this frack might work for the blue moon theme. The atmospheric sound cap in the beginning could be developed and extended representing the approach of the storm. 

And heres another little test. I was going for a dark shell crack and peal revealing a glowing core. Would like to use a similar effect on individual triangles that make up the clouds in Bule Moon...