Alex Moss

Week 16

Ok, I've missed a few weeks, been on holiday relaxing in the bush behind the beach with no internet. So for this weeks post I'm putting up a few photos and a video I took on the trip. Their pretty abstract stills and the video is called Dancing Grass for obvious reasons. The video is slightly slowed down and has a kind of animated look. I'm going to use this one and a few others for a video clip to the track I've been working on (see last 2 weeks) which is now called Dancing Grass.  

Here is a little video teaser of the Dancing Grass track/video cli[p. We hope to record Grace's vocals this weekend and have the track finished next week.

This is a photo of a rock pool reflection the sun. A wave crashed over me while I was capturing the image and you can see the water being disturbed more and more.

I thin this one is my favourite.

I thin this one is my favourite.

... and more.