Alex Moss

High as a kite

These are my video experiments. I'm learning about filming, colour grading, editing and coming up with music ideas quickly. Most of the footage is shot on the Mavic Pro. 


Two artists I have discovered recently that I find truly inspiring. Pensees and Feverkin.

Beats for One Vision Productions

I created the music for the kids to rap over. Thanks for the opportunity Mark (One Vision Productions). What a great result!

This is a filmclip created by the mullumbimby high kids and OneVisionProductions. They explore the idea of unity and people coming together without prejudice. They have created an awesome song here and filmclip here with a great message, hope you enjoy.

Week 17

Im busy finishing off the Dancing Grass EP at the moment so just about all my creative output has been going into that. The 5 track EP will be released on a new label called Moon By Day some time in the near future. So not much to post this week, just a few iPad drawings. 

Week 16

Ok, I've missed a few weeks, been on holiday relaxing in the bush behind the beach with no internet. So for this weeks post I'm putting up a few photos and a video I took on the trip. Their pretty abstract stills and the video is called Dancing Grass for obvious reasons. The video is slightly slowed down and has a kind of animated look. I'm going to use this one and a few others for a video clip to the track I've been working on (see last 2 weeks) which is now called Dancing Grass.  

Here is a little video teaser of the Dancing Grass track/video cli[p. We hope to record Grace's vocals this weekend and have the track finished next week.

This is a photo of a rock pool reflection the sun. A wave crashed over me while I was capturing the image and you can see the water being disturbed more and more.

I thin this one is my favourite.

I thin this one is my favourite.

... and more.

Week 15

Here's a little video of the congas recording session. We got a pretty nice sound from some less than perfect congas. We put SM57's on each drum and put the AKG C4000 on omni just near the open door to the hallway. This gave me a nice blend of warm crisp close feel and live room sound. I spent a bit of time editing the best takes into a final comp, sounds pretty good in the mix. 

I've also been mucking around with some 3D animations. Hope you all have a rad week!

Week 14

So I came up with a new tune this week. I was inspired by Burial, Four Tet + Thom Yorke's - Ego. I'm going to record congas on Tuesday and I'd really like to record and replace the double bass. If anyone plays double bass or knows someone who dose I'd love to get in touch. I'll be working on some variations over the next week or so and I hope to release the track as part of and EP soonish.

Testing out a partical system in the office

Week 11

And heres another little test. I was going for a dark shell crack and peal revealing a glowing core. Would like to use a similar effect on individual triangles that make up the clouds in Bule Moon...

Blue Moon - here is the first draft of the Blue Moon music. Read More on the Blue Moon project page.

Week 10

Without a Plan...

Written, recorded, edited, mixed and mastered in class (SAE Byron Bay - Bachelor of Audio Production) in 1 day. 

Alex Moss (beats, percussion, kalimba, arrangment, production, mixing & mastering) - Sally Law (vocals, arrangment, production, mixing ) - Michael Watson (bass, Little fatty, percussion, arrangment, mixing) Dane Munn (percussion). Stu, Jack, Zac, duncan (production, mixing)

Here are a few more animation tests for the Gratitude project.