Alex Moss

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Atmoss ♦︎ Precious Time ♦︎ EP

Precious Time by Atmoss. 
An excursion in dreamy, downtempo & electronica beats. 
❍ Moon By Day


released July 21, 2017

Video Clip ▸ Precious Time 
Filmed & edited by Alex Moss

Atmoss ♦︎ A Path with Heart ♦︎ EP

So the new EP (Atmoss - A Path with Heart) is out. As usual I've learned a lot through the process of creating, collaborating and finishing these songs. The first track "A Path with Heart" is all about building a home, taking care of a little patch of land and growing food and family, an amazing journey. Despite my own critical reflection on the music and production, its a great feeling to finish a small body of work and I hope that some of you will enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed experimenting and creating.

All tracks produced by Atmoss

1. A Path With Heart | feat: Grace Moseley - Vocals
2. Eternity’s Gaze | feat: Dominic Rado - Violin
3. We Are | feat: Dominic Rado - Violin, Cisco Bizkit - Congas
Eric Coelho - Bass
4. Floating By

Photo ▸ Ben Cooper : 
Mastered ▸ Dennis Bunton @ IDMaster
❍ Moon By Day

released March 29, 2017

Atmoss ♦︎ Dancing Grass ♦︎ EP

2016 sees Buxton Records expand its reach further into all things deep with the launch of its new sub label, Moon by Day. Honing in on downtempo strains of electronica, Moon by Day calls upon Australian-based artist Alex Moss aka Atmoss for its debut release, the Dancing Grass EP. 

Known for his sample-based production style, Moss’ latest 5 track offering gives great insight into his all-inclusive influences, spanning from jazz-fusion to reggae. ‘Tiny Heart’ grooves nicely against emotive strings and delicate vocals provided by Grace Mosely, who makes a welcomed reprise for the EPs title track. The loose-limbed ‘Without a Plan’ features intricate synth and pad work, adding playful percussion which unexpectedly slips into drum and bass movement for ‘Gemini.’ Jarring synth work carries through part of ‘Collective Memory’, before the tension is lessened to round the release out on a dreamy, atmospheric note. 

written by : Emma Stevenson

released March 1, 2016

Atmoss ♦︎ Midnight Playground ♦︎ EP

Midnight Playground by Atmoss is deep, dusty, atmospheric, organic music that is hard to categorise.


Featuring: Lucy Lilian (Violin) - Nicky Swamps & Stu Dangerfield of Juxta Thought (Vocals) - Akshay Kalawah (Flute) - Cisco (Congas / Percussion) - Matt Ledgar (Hung Drum)

released July 9, 2015