Alex Moss


Sound reactive particle system for Gratitude.

The theme gratitude comes form my wish to acknowledge and connect with the key people who have inspired me or helped me learn something. I will do my best to get in touch with and share "Gratitude" with the creatives who, in what ever round about way helped create this project. As well as expressing my gratitude I hope to build audience. Gratitude will also be the first instalment in my music video portfolio. 

Gratitude combines music collaboration and audio reactive video. Me and my friend and fellow music producer Nick Conlon Unfamiliar Identity will work together on the music which we will release as a single. I'll develop the visuals and set up the sync/audio reaction. My idea for the visuals so far are variations of reactive abstract shape/particle systems above, fly through low poly landscapes, lots of depth of field effects, following 3D lines who's tails represent waveforms... 

I got a bit sidetracked and ended up getting a field of triangles to react or twitch to the snare pattern. Also have a wave effect following the chord/pad pattern. I'm pretty happy with the particle system thing but defiantly want to develop the low poly fly over idea, next instalment....

Ok so heres the first 2 animation experiments. The first is a partial system in the form of an abstract 3D shape with slow camera panning and focal distance shift. The particles react (twitch) to the kick snare pattern. The second sequence is my first attempt at the low poly fly over idea. 

  1. Geometry twitch
  2. Dust scale
  3. Export the 3D model and set up a partial system variation.

... and heres is the next test run. Some good elements here and I think with some further tweaking and thoughtful / subtle audio sync / reaction this could be a decent element for the gratitude video. Ideas for audio reaction / sync:

So here is the 3D model in the form of a particle system. I'm testing out an explode effect in the video. Not too effective at the moment, there needs to be some turbulence to get the particles moving. I still need to come up with a variation on the audio reaction (maybe colour and or brightness) and camera moves.

 Didn't quite get the look I was after but some cool images anyway. The spiral was supposed to be more of a string tunnel thing. So I got some ok animations and learned a few things but didn't really get what I set out to do, this always happen to me, I guess it's how I learn sometimes. All good baby next time...

Here are a few more particle / geometry tests. I was trying to create a sort of city light from the sky look in the Kookaburra 1 and 2 clips. I git the idea fro an early morning half dream imagination thing. I was imagining that I could see the sound of kookaburras calling in the morning as a wave of light moving over the country.